Monday, January 26, 2009

6 type of love

Love, love – how much you hear in this word and how much you feel in this feeling! People have been trying to find it out, explain, realise for centuries… And still Aristotle allocated 6 types of love. Much changed since those times, mankind stepped far forward, well, and love remained invariable!
So, let’s consider each type, behavior of man, feeling given type of love, and also think of things to expect from such man.

Agape - sacrificial love. A man who understands this feeling as self-return, will make everything so that his loved one feel good.

How he behaves. Most likely, he dated you for a long, before making a declaration of love. You notice he never demands anything in reply to his feeling, it is completely disinterested. As a rule, your partner can tell: “I will give you the last penny” and so forth.

What you can expect from him. Such love, of course, has a set of pluses. A man constantly endowing himself and his interests for the sake of yours, causes trust and respect. But no more. As a rule, total care starts bothering. You would like passions, but, alas, a man incurs a role of “loving daddy”. This is, certainly, pleasant, but does not promote sexual desire. And as a man does not demand any return from you, you start appreciating him ever less. Generally speaking, he imposes his care on you, constantly aspires to learn your thoughts, desires, control them.

Ludus - so-called love-game. It is based first of all on sexual desire.

How he behaves. Such man does not trouble himself with courtings. After all, he considers that sexual desire to woman is the best acknowledgement of his love. As a rule, “stickings” begin on the first appointment. He does not try learning you as a person, each refusal “to get acquainted closer” is perceived as personal insult, can cause angry rebuff of type: “So why we communicate with you?!” The longer a woman keeps such man at arm’s length, the colder he becomes - after all, he thinks, if a woman does not want a man, this means, she is not interested in him. By the way, you can notice that except you such gentleman also dates several women, besides, he is not jealous, if you start flirting with others on his eyes. He does not aspire to become closer with you, you feel that if you are far from him, he forgets about you, and calls only to learn only when you can meet next time.

What to expect from him. Probably, at first you will be overflowed by a storm of feelings and emotions. However, when passion passes, you can find out that, except sex, you have nothing in common. A man who considers that sex is love, as a rule, is rather selfish, thinks only of his desires. If you suddenly cease satisfying his sexual requirements, he will quickly grow cold. Feelings of such man are very transient and superficial. As a rule, he loves you only when you are nearby, and overcomes parting very easily. Having decided to break up with him, do not wait for calls with apologies or night visitings with an armful of roses and oaths in eternal fidelity. In general, your communication will be only a petty intrigue. If you do not impose responsibility for you and your feelings on such partner - you will spend pefrect time with him in bed for a long.

EROS - sensual love. It is based first of all on fidelity and only then on physical desire.

How he behaves. He is interested in your life and problems. He does not dissapear after first night spent together. You have things to talk about. In conversation he tells not only about himself, but is also interested in your emotions and feelings.

What to expect from him. You found almost an ideal partner! This man will not ego-trip at your expense, he appreciates your feelings and will not start blackmailing you with love (”I do everything for you, and you are so ungrateful!”). Your man is glad to the fact you feel good with him, he likes caring of you. This is really a true love!

MANIA - love-obsession. As a rule, is based on passion and jealousy.

How he behaves. In the centre of such man’s love is not a partner, but he. As a result, he constantly tries to ego-trip at the expense of other people. It can be expressed differently, but more often - in the form of banal household rudeness or humiliations “on trifles”. Such man will wait for any problems in your relations and if they do not arise, he will create them. For example, he will start telling you you wash dishes wrong way. Or suddenly he will start carping that you spend too much money. Such man waits that other person will run into dependence from him, considers that a woman should love only him, because he is with her. Such person avoids any routine, boredom and attachment. He often changes friends, residences, works, most likely, was married before.

What to expect from him. Pathological jealousy. Such person is jealous not because he is afraid to lose you, but because you can “run away” from his power. Thus, the weaker and more dependant you will be, the more confident this man will feel. He will constantly try to force you thinking that you are obliged to him by something. And will perceive your care and love as due, will not appreciate and notice them. As a result, the more you will try to come closer to him, the more he will push you away. And on the contrary, if he sees you cooling, he will aspire to be pleasant to you again in every way. And then again cooling. But consider that such man provokes break-up by himself, thereby confirming his importance even more.

Pragma - “rational” love.

How he behaves. Such man says that he needs a woman whom he would feel comfortable with (instead of the one he will grow fond at first sight or with whom he will have tremendous sex). At acquaintance he first of all tries to learn, whether you are able to be in charge of housekeeping, whether you suffer from fits of hysteria, etc. In general, he looks, whether he will be able to build a joint life with you.

What to expect from him. There will be no passions and unexpected acts in your joint life. You will be constantly pursued by a feeling that you were chosen as goods. While you give a partner everything he expects from you - stability, material benefit, - he loves you. But as soon as this basis dissapears, break-up follows. Such man begins constantly supervising his feelings and will demand the same from you. If you need constant changes, thirst of new sensations and feelings - such relations is obviously not for you.

Storge - love-friendship.

How he behaves. A man tells you about all problems and relatives. You feel you can share everything with him. You never have any fluctuations to tell him something, - you just approach and speak. You are always assured that in any case will find understanding and support.

What to expect from him. Probably, soon you will miss strong emotions - you will want new sensations. If you know all thoughts and desires of each other, you will have no space - you just become uninteresting for each other! Therefore, it is reasonable to have your small hobbies that will help you equiping some personal, intimate space.